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Some groups are now being held online, while others have been temporarily suspended due to the pandemic. Please check below for more information and join us to embody powerful, new, life-changing skills. 

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You Can Heal Your Life six-week transformational course via Zoom
Nov 4, 11, 18, 25 & 2, 9 Dec 2020
6pm-8pm approx
Cost: £140

This life-changing workshop is based on the philosophy of Louise Hay who healed herself from a life threatening illness. It’s a powerful, six-week course that's already helped thousands of people worldwide.

 Over the six weeks you’ll discover how to:

  • Understand your family dynamics and barriers to love
  • Become skilled at bringing affirmations into your body and not just into your mind
  • Discover how to love yourself and others more fully and deeply
  • Transform your life by work with body, mind, emotions, and spirit
  • Release negative emotions blocking you from living joyfully and creatively

    Suggested reading before the workshop:
    You can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
    Love Yourself Heal Your Life Workbook by Louise Hay
    Creative Visualisation by Shakti Gawain

    For more information, or to secure your place, call me on 0757 553 3205 or email re.inspired@hotmail.co.uk

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    FREE Monday meditation – held online

    Setting time aside to meditate every day has proven health benefits. In fact the Harvard Medical School has been a pioneer in scientifically studying the benefits and healing impact of meditation.

    Here are just five scientifically proven benefits of meditation:
    1 Relaxation – meditation can take you to an even more relaxed state than deep sleep – allowing your body to de-stress, heal and regenerate
    2 Less anxiety, better control of emotions – the more you meditate, the less reactive you become to life and the more balanced and calm you feel
    3 Lower blood pressure – as you relax, stress levels fall and the activity of the adrenal glands is reduced, leading to a fall in blood pressure caused by stress
    4 Improved digestion – most of the serotonin in our body is produced in the gut which is sensitive to stress, tension and anxiety. Stress can disrupt serotonin production and even cause food allergies along with bloating, cramps and gas. Meditation relaxes the body, stabilizes serotonin levels and improves digestion.
    5 Slows down ageing – stress can cause the telomeres in our DNA begin to fray faster than normal, making us look older than our years. Meditation can boost melatonin, which prevents telomeres from shortening, slowing down the ageing process.

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    In our fast paced world, a regular meditation practice can help you remain centred and calm, whatever's going on around you. If you’ve never tried it before, or if you simply wish to join others in a regular meditation practice, you’re welcome to join our small group on Monday nights. For more information call me on 0757 553 3205 or email re.inspired@hotmail.co.uk for full details and to secure your place.


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    EFT (short for Emotional Freedom Technique) is also known as tapping. It’s simple to use, easily learned and works on the body’s meridians to clear blocks and release trapped energy. In addition to one-on-one work, you can choose to attend a one hour workshop where you’ll learn more about how and why it’s such a powerful technique. You'll also engage in hands on tapping and experience the benefits. Normally held in Uxbridge, EFT workshops and taster sessions are now available online.

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    We are a small, informal group that meets near Harrow once a month. The aim is to explore and expand our own self-awareness. By sharing our experiences and the wisdom we’ve gained along our path in life, we may enrich both our own lives and those of others. It’s my belief that such knowledge can only lead to us becoming more aware of our own patterns, stories and behaviours and that this, in turn, gives us choice. Once we realise we have a choice, we’re empowered to co-create the life we want.

    Some of the topics explored in previous sessions include:

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    If any of these questions intrigue, inspire or speak to you, please do join us. The group is open to everyone and no previous knowledge or experience is required. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to explore.

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    FREE MOVIE EVENTS – Temporarily on hold

    All movies follow the theme of personal development and self-awareness. The next movie to be shown (when conditions allow) will be You Can Heal Your Life - The Movie. It’s an incredibly inspiring film of Louise Hay giving her story. Learn how she and others (including Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Candace Pert and Esther Hicks to name just a few) healed themselves and how they applied the Heal Your Life philosophy and concepts to their own emotional, physical, spiritual, and professional life.

    Film length: 90 mins. The movie will be shown near Ruislip with no charge for attending. Join our mailing list by clicking here and be amongst the first to know when we re-start.

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