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Testimonials #01


"A beautiful and calm approach to a difficult subject - your inner wisdom and guidance helped me turn the negatives into positives. A wonderful experience that I will take away forever and use daily." KS MK UK (HYL)

"Your undoubted experience in the holistic field clearly showed through in your fantastic workshop on "Willing to Change". You are clearly passionate and a highly skilled workshop leader and I suspect, therapist too. You are clearly coming from the heart and I felt confident and safe to express myself in your class, having created a loving space for us all. Thank you from my heart to yours." PE TW UK (HYL)

"Re, you are an amazing teacher, your way of transmitting ideas is very clear and structured, and the way you engage the group in the exercises is fantastic. I can see progress in myself and I am really grateful to you for that. May you teach many more workshops and may your students benefit greatly from them as I have. Thank you." SS Spain (HYL)

"A powerful and highly experienced presenter with indepth knowledge of Louise Hay's work and presenting in general. The beautiful chants and meditations delivered were so relaxing and inspiring, urging us to 'be willing to change'. I would very much recommend attendance on any other presentations Re might deliver." NM Cyprus (HYL)


"Rehana has a gift for finding the right words and intuitively reaching core issues. As emotions surface she holds a safe space in which to release them and I am left feeling freer and lighter." JL SW UK (EFT)

"I've learned that I'm a great person inside and just have to trust this, my healing process. Five weeks it took me to see this......Thank you Rehana, you have given me so much love and light in abundance." HV UK (EFT)

"I always felt supported. I liked the fact that the group was small and there were 6 sessions at weekly intervals, allowing us to practise and consolidate knowledge......I have learned to be more honest with myself and more courageous at examining long standing issues.....I appreciated Rehana's humour, the warmth, the smile, the ease of her delivery and the natural and unassuming way in which she facilitates our learning." Annon UK (EFT)

"Rehana's presentation was very professional. She taps into your beliefs and emotions, getting to the root of the issue. She's very warm and motivating and encouraging. There was adequate time for progression and development." YH UK (EFT)

Testimonials #02


"My Journey Process with Rehana was great from start to finish. She immediately made me feel relaxed and at ease. I experienced a powerful and incredible Journey which not only uplifted me but allowed me to see within myself. I would recommend a Journey Process with Rehana to anyone who wants to reach their inner being." RA UK (JP)

"My Journey Process with Rehana has been deeply insightful and healing. She has an amazing intuitive ability to see things for what they really are and I was supported throughout the Process in her firm but extremely kind and loving presence. I am a different person today and without Rehana's help I can honestly say that I would not have been able to make the positive life changes that I can now." YM UK (JP)

"My Journey Processes with Rehana have been profound and healing, her depth inspiring me to reach into and clear issues. I feel empowered to make changes and grow as a result." JL UK (JP)

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